Who is the silent killer?

We’re on a mission to educate young people and their families about the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) – and how to make themselves and their homes safer.

Our true crime-inspired whodunnit game and the associated materials will give you the tools to teach young people everything they need to know about carbon monoxide, including the symptoms of CO poisoning, how to spot the signs of CO, how to make sure gas or carbon-fuelled appliances are working properly, and how to stay CO safe.

Grandma Plum
and Poppy (victims)

Educational video

Our educational whodunnit game features the story of the Plum family, who return from holiday to a nasty shock. Young people can use the family’s witness statements and clues, revealed throughout the video, to solve the mystery.

You can pause the video at key moments to discuss the clues as your class or group try to work out who is the silent killer.

Make sure you don’t skip forward and reveal the identity of the silent killer too soon.

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Before showing the video to your class or group, watch it through, read the script, and download the materials below.

Remember, when playing the video, you’ll have to pause it to give time to discuss the clues – and to avoid revealing the silent killer too soon.

When your class or group has finished the game and solved the mystery, you can use the “stop the silent killer” leaflet as a basis for a wider discussion on carbon monoxide and how to stay safe.

Sally & Jake

Mrs Plum (Mum)

Mr Plum

  • Notes for

    Your guide to our whodunnit game: including how to play, what you’ll need, and how to help your group solve the mystery.

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  • Roleplay script

    Download our whodunnit video script to help your group act out the mystery.

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  • Clue cards and
    Crime board

    To help your class with their detective work, you can pin or stick the clues to the crime board.

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  • Stop the silent
    killer leaflet

    Download our CO safety leaflet to start discussions about carbon monoxide and staying safe.

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